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The Meals Ministry provides meals for families in need. With the need, comes an opportunity to serve. This opportunity has risen for frequently in the last few years due to our economy. With that said, we strive to take what God has blessed us with and bless others. This ministry is designed to provide meals on a short term basis for those in our fellowship who are sick or have a great need. If you have the desire and the talent to prepare meals, and would like to be involved in this ministry, you can contact Sandra Deming directly or through the church office at (909) 381-5353.





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Sunday Morning

Currently Pastor Lee Coe is teaching through the Gospel of Mark.

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Sunday Evening

Pastor Lee and Daniel Barrios are taking us through the Old Testament book of Leviticus.

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Wednesday Evening

Pastor Lee is taking us through the book of Exodus verse by verse on Wednesdays.

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