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Thoughts on Worship from Pastor Lee

"I've been a worshipper here at Calvary Chapel San Bernardino for over 30 years now. I have been privileged, since 1989 to be the Worship leader, responsible for coordinating the music and worship bands that lead the worship during our weekly scheduled services.

We have different teams consisting of drums, bass, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and keyboards, and multiple singers. Each team has a different style but all of the members are raised up from within this local body and are committed to this fellowship. Here is some of the philosophy of ministry we use concerning worship.


We are a worshiping church, and it is our desire to exalt the Lord in each and every service. We recognize that it is our duty as well as our joy to laud and glorify God the Father, and our redeemer Jesus as the Holy Spirit prompts us. We consider worship to be primarily singing as in Hebrews 2:12, as this form of corporate praise is biblical, Psalm 26:12, and it is the only form of worship we take to Heaven. (Revelation 5:9) Our worship is in "spirit" meaning that we commune with our God during these times, whether the song is David Crowder's "Oh Praise Him" or Matt Redman's "Blessed Be the Name" the music and lyric join together to focus our attention on God and His attributes. Worship is to be centered on God and not on man. That is why the songs we choose are either songs sung directly to Him, like "From My Heart To Yours" or "Revelation Song" which reminds us to corporately join as one to declare our Fathers Glory!

The primary purpose of the church is worship. We exist to glorify God through collectively meeting each Sunday and uniting our voices in praise. Without your life and voice, the flock's expression is incomplete. But even in the corporate setting, worship doesn't begin with a group activity. It begins with our individual responses to what God has revealed to us about Himself. That happens on a daily basis and it's from that 'daily walk' with God and that moment by moment experience with His love that brings a new song of praise.

Worship is for God, not for you!

I know many people who don’t like to sing. I can see them from the platform, barely moving their lips as if they’re afraid or uncomfortable? Looking at their watches, looking around the room nervously? If I were to ask my non singing friends about it, it might sound like this: “Oh Pastor, you haven’t heard how poorly I sing.” The Bible says to “make a joyful noise”, I have that part covered – “but my singing sounds like an injured moose!” The problem with that reasoning is that my friend’s singing is not for the people around him. He should sing for the pleasure of God, who accepts gifts based on the heart, not the craftsmanship.

Worship is a response to God

It’s for Him, not me.
It's for His enjoyment not mine.
Worship is a response to God's love, grace. . . . .

Psalms 147:1

Praise the LORD! For (it is) good to sing praises to our GOD; For (it is) pleasant, (and) praise is beautiful.Come each week and let's glorify the Lord together.





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