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Ricky Jimenez

Broadcast Engineer


Ricky & Leticia Jimenez


  • Born February 1967, Santa Ana, Ca
  • Born to single mom, I have 3 older sisters
  • Didn't see much of my father
  • I excelled in math, reading, and mechanics
  • Avoided gang life, though it was prolific
  • Began life of crime at 17, arrested at 24
  • Met soon to be wife Tish twice, yes twice
  • Married 1994, celebrated 20 year anniversary 2014
  • Father of four; Boys 1 - Girls 3
  • Writes a Blog for menCURE FOR THE COMMON MAN


  • Has 2 grandsons Logan & Jacob
  • Born again 2002
  • Gave his testimony at Harvest Christian Fellowship
  • Lead the Men's Fellowship for 5+ years
  • Founded the Live Webcast here @CCSB
  • Serves as Webmaster
  • Serves as Broadcast Engineer
  • Has lived in San Bernardino for over 20 years
  • Loves palm trees and Gold Retrievers
  • Hobbies are boating, motocross, off-roading, & all things tech

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Pastor Lee, Pastor Chris & Elders are taking us through the Old Testament book of Proverbs.

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Pastor Lee is taking us through the book of Exodus verse by verse on Wednesdays.

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