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Greece 2018

Follow Pastor Lee Coe and others as they tour biblical sites throughout Greece


Last night we arrived in The city of Athens. You can see that pastor Lee is working hard to bring you updated content for our Greece Facebook feed. Over pastor Lee’s right shoulder that building lit in white is the Acropolis it is at th ..
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Greece Day 3

After traveling the previous afternoon to Kalambaka we awoke in the central part of Greece at Metadora where monks in the 14th century built monasteries on these peaks and precipice Previous ..
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Greece Day 2

Thessaloniki and Berea. Traveling South toward Athens we stopped in Veira or as we know Berea Previous Next ..
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Greece Day 1

We left the church at 2:30 Sunday afternoon arrived at LAX at four and boarded our flight at 6:30 for Istanbul After a short layover we flew the one hour from Istanbul to Thessaloniki. We arrived late had dinner and we’re up this mor ..
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Sunday Morning

Currently Pastor Lee Coe is teaching through the Gospel of Mark.

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Sunday Evening

Pastor Lee and Daniel Barrios are taking us through the Old Testament book of Leviticus.

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Wednesday Evening

Pastor Lee is taking us through the book of Exodus verse by verse on Wednesdays.

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